Ceiling Cassettes

Air conditioning ceiling cassettes - contact Frescold Services for advice about Mitsubishi Electric's Air Conditioning Units.

Power cassettes offer 72 different airflow patterns, with the ability to handle a multitude of ceiling applications up to 4.2 meters in height.

The easy to install, slim unit is ideal for maintaining constant temperatures, thanks to adjustable vanes that allow users to precisely direct air where it's needed.


The wide shape vane (capable of wide angle air supply) provides comfort at the corners of a room, regardless of cooling or heating operation.

A reduction in the air speed by 20% (compared to the previous product) eliminates the uncomfortable draft sensation often experienced with air conditioning products.
Reduced draft air distribution allows the vanes to supply airflow horizontally, thus preventing discomfort due to excessive cooling or from direct exposure of occupants
to the air blow.

Independent Vane Control - if the airflow direction needs to be changed as a result of an altered room layout or due to the mode selected (i.e. cooling or heating), the air direction of each vane can be set independently using the PAR-21MAA wired remote controller.

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