Air Condition as designed, supplied and fitted by Frescold Services Ltd., Waterford, Ireland
Frescold Services Ltd. offers air-conditioning and refrigeration services to domestic clients and commercial businesses principally throughout the South East of Ireland, including Counties Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow, Kilkenny, Carlow, Tipperary, Laois and also nationwide throughout Ireland.
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Frescold Services Ltd., Waterford

We specialise in the supply and maintenance of Mitsubishi air conditioning units and systems and in the repair and maintenance of all air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. We offer competitive rates and excellent service.

Design and Heat Load Calculations

We can also offer a customised design service based on recommended air conditioning requirements for your home, office or factory. This service can include a full building survey to determine the heat gain from the external environment and relevant internal heat sources. We take account of the heat load from the external factors and from internal occupancy including lights, computers, copiers, dishwashers, ovens etc. in our heat load calculations.

 Non-intrusive air conditioning solutions

We recommend discreet air conditioning systems with low noise levels. Mitsubishi's mini-split (or ductless) technology is ideal for situations where low energy usage is important with little visual or noise impact for your home, office, factory or shop.

Home Air Conditioning Systems

For domestic settings we can recommend ideal air conditioning solutions for your whole house or just for individual rooms including kitchens, conservatories, bedrooms and attics. Upstairs locations can often be excessively hot in the spring or summer months due to high solar gain from the roof and we can design ideal air conditioning unit installations to solve those problems.

 Air conditioning for commercial buildings, including offices, factories and shops.

Our commercial air conditioning systems include the Mitsubishi City Multi systems and water condensing units. We can design air conditioning systems including indoor concealed ducted units with blow ceiling mounted cassettes and wall mounted units. Each indoor unit is provided with its own individual controller allowing heating or cooling and selection of target temperature and fan speed. We also supply and install master controllers giving access groups of indoor units. Each master controller gives group control and timer facilities over a group of indoor units.

Whatever your air-conditioning or refrigeration requirements please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Frescold Services Complies Fully With All Regulations And Best Practices Laid Down By The EPA, Members Of The Irish Refridgeration Institute and Partner For Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

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