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Mitsubishi air conditioning products, installed by Frescold Services Ltd., have been able to make huge savings for its customers.

These energy efficient air conditioning systems have helped reduced costs and play a vital part in bringing down energy usage and energy bills.

We offer a range of Mitsubishi Electric control options designed to help your use your air conditioning systems more efficiently. The need for control is paramount in order to optimise the performance of any air conditioning system and minimise its running costs. When an air conditioning system is not properly controlled, it will not run as efficiently as it should. Even one degree deviation from the required temperature can result in up to five percent increased energy costs.

Adding controls to a system will not simply create a saving, it is the use of the controls that achieves the saving. Below are some example control strategy improvements that will help you more effectively use your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system controller to reduce energy consumption, running costs and environmental impact.

  • Install the right level of control (type of control system) for your building size and type.
  • Understand the features offered by your controller and use them to gain better control of your air conditioning system
  • Set timer controls to turn off at night times, weekends and bank holidays i.e. whenever the building is unoccupied
  • Have someone with the responsibility for monitoring your air conditioning control systems to avoid incorrect use.
  • Position thermostats correctly i.e. not too near electronic equipment that generate heat and also avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Avoid operating heating and cooling simultaneously
  • When a room is too hot or too cold do not set temperature cooler/hotter than the desirable temperature in an attempt to speed up the temperature change as this can cause energy wasting through “overshoot”

Frescold Services can recommend and design individual control systems to suit your particular large or small room or building requirements. These systems vary from a simple hand held controller to the G50 system, controlling up to 50 units for large commercial buildings. Air conditioning products need to be designed to accommodate a range of heat source factors, including different room sizes, usage and staff levels, external climate changes, lighting and electronic equipment usage.

Whatever the room or building, optimum control of air conditioning systems is essential and will provide energy savings, cost efficiency and maintain a constant and comfortable environment.